The IASL endorses events that are deemed to have high scientific standards. They are organized by third parties and, by granting endorsements, the IASL has no financial involvement and no obligation to provide any support services for such events.


The application is required at least two months prior to the event and must include the following information:

  • Date and meeting venue
  • Event organizers
  • Program including the list of faculty
  • Brief summary of the event and goals
  • Name and email of contact person
  • Logo of the event (high resolution, 300 dpi)

There is a two-step approval process for the IASL endorsement:

The IASL Scientific Committee Chair reviews the application.

If the event is approved by the IASL Scientific Committee Chair, the IASL Executive will review the application.

If the endorsement is granted, the event will be endorsed within one week.

The Secretariat will inform the endorsement seeker in writing about the result.

Before applying, please read the IASL Endorsed Event Policy which is provided.

Application Form

Name of Meeting
Meeting Venue
Meeting Website
Scientific Program
Faculty List
Brief Summary of Meeting
Name of Contact Person
E-mail Address
Tel. No.
Logo of the Event
(high resolution 300 dpi)